Let Us Prove Our Car Repair Quality to You in Portland, OR

“As a woman who knows enough about cars to know when she is being ripped off, but not quite enough to do it all myself, I trust Andy’s.

I send everyone I know needing car help there. In my experience (plus that of my friends), they don’t yank your chain, or try to over sell you, or bully you into repairs you don’t need. They are polite, efficient, and straight-forward.

I spent a lot of time, money, and energy trying to find an autoshop in Portland that treated me like a competent human being instead of a cash machine. I only wish I had found Andy’s sooner!”

-Karen T.  Portland, OR


“They are STILL keeping my ’96 Avalon on the road. Exceptional service. Fair pricing. Honest work.

Finally found out that there is no Andy. Andy sold the business to Chuck. Chuck been running the show for 30+ years. However, you will most likely encounter Rick when you stop in. And, you SHOULD stop in!”

– Jim T.  Portland, OR


“A fella’ named Chuck owning a place named “Andy’s”..a place I will use again if need be..super-nice guy and totally could’ve taken me for a new alternator but instead found my issue to be a much cheaper factory battery..everything was complete from drop off to pick up in under an hour on a Saturday..rad..do check ’em out..”

– Charles S.  Portland, OR


“The guys here were really helpful and got my card repair done in a timely manor.  My only complaint, and this is a complaint that I have about every repair shop, is that they didn’t call to tell me what was going on with my car, I had to call and check in repeatedly.
They did a great job and seemed very honest.”

– Rosemary R.  Portland, OR


“I’ve been coming here for years and they always give me the best price around. I’ve stopped by other mechanics for quotes and Andy’s beats them by a LOT! My last experience with them they performed the work for 1/3 of another shop’s estimate. They’ve even loaned me cars in the past when mine needed to be in for awhile.

Other shops have told me that I needed work done on my truck and that it would catch on fire if I didn’t do it, which sounded a little alarmist to me. I took it for a second opinion at Andy’s and they confirmed my suspicions that the other shop was just trying to scare me and that it didn’t need the work.”

– Crystal V.  Portland, OR


“Very honest mechanics at Andy’s…When is that ever the case? That seals the deal for me. Would definitely recommend !”

– Eamonn O.  Portland, OR


“Very reasonably priced, polite employees, quick service, and honest work.”

– Lee A.  Portland, OR

“I have always liked the service, but they recently went above and beyond for me by rechecking brake work they did for me before we leave on a family vacation. Don’t confuse them with Andy’s Auto repair in NE.”

– Charlie C.  Portland, OR


“I have been going here for the past 5 years and don’t plan to change anytime soon. These are stand up guys who do good work at very reasonable prices. I have recommended them to a number of friends and they have all had great experiences as well.”

– Aaron I.  Portland, OR


“Been coming here with my automobile issues since 1993. I won’t go anywhere else.  They give accurate quotes/estimates (cost & time), I’ve never been disappointed.  Regular maintenance items like oil changes are about $39. A little spendy, but they check everything out and don’t try to upsell you on “new wiper blades” or a “smelly fir tree.”

– Andrew C.  Medford, OR

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