Brakes Noise?

Fix any Brake Issues with Our Brake Repair Services

A loud grinding sound might be a sign of wear and tear. Fix them early to save money and lives. At Andy's Automotive Repair INC, our team offers a variety of brake services that will keep you safe. Brakes are one of the most important components in your car, so don’t put at risk the safety of your family and passengers.

We can replace your brake system at an affordable price, without a long wait.

Our Brake Service

Complete Brake Inspection
Tire Condition Checks
Inspect Brake Hardware
Replace Brake Pads
24 month / 24,000 mile Warranty on All Parts & Labor
Road Test of Brake System
Inspect Calipers and Caliper Pistons
Brake Fluid Flush
Replace or Resurface Drums and Rotors
FREE 33-point Inspection

Maintenance for your vehicle's brakes

Don’t risk your family and passengers’ lives by putting off regular maintenance. Andy's Automotive Repair INC is your solution for your brake problems. Our service is guaranteed by the best technicians available for your car or truck's brake system. Drive confident when knowing you took the best care of your brakes!

Common Brake Problems Include:

  • Grinding, Squeaking or Squealing Brakes
  • Brake Pedal Feels Soft or Spongy
  • Vibrating Steering Wheel when Braking
  • Car Wobbling or Vibrating when Driving at Higher Speeds
  • Loud Grinding Sound when pressing pedal