Align your vehicle for an Easier Drive, Better Gas Mileage, and Uneven Tire Wear

Tires might be very costly to replace, but alignment can help to achieve the longest life possible out of your tires. We check and do tire rotation on a regular basis. Proper tire pressure and wheel alignment improves your vehicle's overall performance.

Every Andy's Automotive Repair INC location uses the latest technology to check and balance your tires via a computerized system to ensure they're all inflated to the proper pressure. We can perform this service alone, or with your next oil change.

Wheel Alignment Service

Inspection of Vehicle's Suspension & Steering System
Tire Condition
Air Pressure
Alignment Diagnosis on a Rack with Sensors

misaligned WHEEL?

Is your car pulling to one side? This might be a sign of misaligned wheels. Feeling a constant vibration on your steering wheel when driving? This is a common sign for balancing issues. The better the maintenance, the longer your car will run. If your car's alignment or balance seems off, visit an Andy's Automotive Repair INC and one of our certified technicians will help you.